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Exterior trim,soffit, facial: First we pressure wash exterior to remove any dirty, dust, wasp nest, or ant piles. We prep by caulking any cracks, puttying any nail holes, cover windows with plastic. We either apply exterior paint with airless sprayer or brush and roll.

Garage doors and trim: We lay down a drop cloth to protect from concrete, give a light sanding, dust off, caulk any areas needed and apply exterior paint.


Siding: First we pressure wash, prep areas like cover windows, doors, caulk, and puttying. Apply primer and give everything a second check before applying exterior paint.

Metal Rails and bars: First we prime with special metal primer, give a light sand, and either spray or brush and roll special metal paint.


Brick: First we pressure wash the brick to wash off any dirt, give it time to dry. In the mean time we prep windows and doors by covering them up with plastic. When were ready to paint we use special paint product  that acts like primer and paint for masonry/brick.

Stains: We do stains for fences, trim, decks, wood patios. If we are re-doing a stain we pressure wash first, prep, light sanding, then apply stain. If we do stain on new wood we prep first, dust off, apply stain.

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