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Walls: We take our time to prep your walls, give a light sanding if needed, cover any unwanted nail holes, fix cracks, and apply two coats of paint.

Ceilings: Most ceilings have fans so we take our time to protect fan, furniture, and floor. Apply two coats of paint.

Doors:  We take our time to remove or protect your doorknobs and locks, give a light sand, and apply either paint or stain on door.

Baseboards/trim: We protect your floor/carpet, give light sanding, caulk, and puttying. Then apply trim paint.

Cabinets: Our cabinet jobs always come out looking the best because we take our time to cover your floors, counter tops, remove hardware, and apply paint through our airless sprayer. Leaving a perfect smooth finish. We also stain cabinets, apply stain, give two coats of sanding sealer and give one last sanding before we apply the last finish sealer.

Modern Kitchen

Drywall repairs: Like all our jobs we prep first, cover floors and etc. Cut out drywall that is not good. Measure and cut out new sheet rock, and screw in place. Tape and bed and match texture. 

Texturing: We can change and apply many textures, orange peel, knockdown, popcorn, smooth/flat, semi-smooth, and heavy texture.

Wooden Floor

We can also do custom stains or finishes.

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